photo using a plain white bulb with the hopes of superimposing the text on the bulb in the digital domain. To make a long story short, the photolab in Chicago was not capable of scanning the dug out his photography equipment, set up shop in the laundry room, and amazingly, were able to print acceptable contacts with twenty-five year old paper and chemicals. After drying the prints I inserted them into the cards and out they went, with a day to spare. [The business card on the back of the card was a remnant of my dad's days in the photography business back in the '70s.]
My Christmas cards this year took a slightly different form than I had originally envisioned, but turned out well nonetheless. The photograph on the card was to contain a blown glass Christmas tree ornament with the words hope, peace, joy, and love screened on the surface. After I was unable to locate the particular ornament, I went ahead and shot the
negative correctly so I settled for ordinary contact prints, which the photo lab then said they could not do in a timely cost-effective manner. So... three days before Christmas my dad and I