This is just a brief
synopsis of my life and what
I've been up to.

I was born and raised in central
West Virginia. Growing up I spent a lot of
time in the great outdoors hiking, camping,
and canoeing among other things.

After high school I went
on to study electronics at the illustrious
west virginia institute of technology.
After five long years of engineering
courses, along with a healthy dose
of music theory, I was ready for
the real world.

My first job took form as a
communications consultant for cng communications (now spectrasite) where
I worked full time for MCI. I started
off working in the huge metropolis
of Houston TX overseeing the installation and turnup of city-wide
high speed fiber optic networks. From
there I went on to large scale long
distance transport systems, before returning
to metro networks six months later. My next three
years were spent as team lead and kept me
busy overseeing the implementation of
new networks and systems from Boston all
the way to sunny LA.

In 1999 while taking a well
deserved vacation from MCIWorldcom
I met Tim Wicinski who mentioned a great
little startup company in Mountain View CA called
tellme networks. I visited Tellme in the spring
of 2000, and in autumn of that year decided to pack up
and permanently move to the bay area. I now
spend my days designing data center facilities and
managing an enormous amount of
telco circuits.

Work keeps me away from from my
favorite pastimes - biking and electronic music,
however I now bike to work and just recently set up a
music rig at work to maximize
every free minute.

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