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Cary Roberts

Systems Test / Project Management / Site Engineering

Career Summary Telecommunications Industry Expertise
Extensive experience in the competitive local exchange and long distance fields. Familiar with installation and engineering practices and requirements in incumbent LEC collocation facilities as well as major carrier facilities. Thorough understanding of test procedures and equipment for circuits ranging from DS0 to OC192, as well as xDSL and DWDM.

Team Leader
Foster collaboration between test and install groups to minimize engineering related delays and meet tight project deadlines. Encourage new employee growth by pairing with experienced crew members. Effective communication and negotiation skills.

Project Management
Work with engineering and PM groups to ensure timely delivery of materials and equipment. Ensure coordination between implementation, engineering, operations, and switch groups to meet target completion dates for switched and circuit based services. Prepare detailed reports of project status for review and action by senior management and directors.

Career Experience
Telecommunications and Facilities Engineer, Network Operations
Oct 2000 - Present

Manage high capacity voice and data circuits and implement data center facilities for large scale interactive voice response systems.
  • Engineer and implement multiple large scale collocated data center facilities.
  • Work with telecommunications providers to deliver circuits and implement SONET rings.
  • Implement DACS and test equipment for remote circuit reconfiguration and testing.
  • Implement environmental monitoring systems for data centers including video surveillance, access control, alarm points, and temperature monitoring.
  • Redesigned custom high density server chassis with mating power and purpose-built high density rack enclosures.
  • Designed custom microcontroller based server watchdog circuit with LCD controller, temperature monitoring, power on delay, and remote serial access for reboot, power on/off, and LCD functionality.

SPECTRASITE - Richardson, TX
Senior Field Engineer, Technical Services Division
June 1996 - Oct 2000

Managed crews and projects for MCIWorldcom west region. Supervised MCIWorldcom's metropolitan fiber and unbundled loop projects delivering competitive digital and voice services to business and residential customers.
  • Intimately familiar with installation, provisioning, and test practices for Nortel and Fujitsu SONET equipment including linear 1+1 and 1:n, UPSR, and BLSR configurations.
  • Experience provisioning and call-through testing channel banks and subscriber line systems from Wescom, Telco Systems, ADC, Siemens, Nortel, and DSC as well as remote metallic line test units from Harris and Turnstone.
  • Versed in the installation and turn-up of Stratum-1 and Stratum-2 network synchronization timing systems.
  • Installed and provisioned Verilink and Larson CSU/DSUs, Cisco and Ascend routers, SNMP managed ethernet hubs and switches, Applied Innovations X.25 switches, and serial terminal servers for TCP/IP equipment access.
  • Evaluated Telco Systems A60 channel bank FXO cards with Telco Systems engineers to correct incompatibilities with Siemens EWSD switches and issue new firmware release.
  • Evaluated Fujitsu FACTR and FLM-150 platforms in MCI laboratories with Fujitsu engineers to determine and diagnose faults with OC-3 to OC-12 SONET equipment and upgrade procedures, documented and edited method of procedures for network-wide upgrades, and supervised nationwide Fujitsu OC-3 to OC-12 SONET communication systems upgrades.
  • Supervised MCI and Nortel's first in-service OC-12 NWK to VTM ring conversion upgrade.

West Virginia Institute of Technology - Montgomery, WV
Electrical Engineering
Aug 1991 - May 1996
  • Professional Engineer in Training - passed Fundamentals of Engineering exam towards professional electrical engineering certification.
  • Designed and implemented IIR and adaptive filters with Analog Devices ADSP-2181 development board.
  • Designed and built control voltage to Musical Instrument Digital Interface volume controller and control voltage gate to MIDI clock converter.
  • Designed and built 100mhz dual sideband suppressed carrier transmitter.
  • Designed 27mhz AM single sideband receiver using computer analysis.
  • Courses in C, FORTRAN, and Motorola MC68HC11 assembly.
  • Utilized Electronics Workbench, MATLAB, PSpice, and ProTel PCB Designer.

  • Retrosynth - Record electronic music in personal recording studio and operate related website with vintage synthesizer information, manuals, and service documents. Repair vintage synthesizers and design discrete equivalents for extinct integrated circuits. Build DIY synthesizer modules such as voltage controlled filters, oscillators, amplifiers, envelope generators, and control voltage processors.
  • Telcogurus - Operate webhosting, domain registration, and site design service.
  • Enjoy mountain biking, hiking, camping, white water canoeing, and photography.