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Tape Machine Gallery Tips and tricks for digital multitrack machines
DAT Heads Mailing list for all things DAT
DAT World Good information and pictures of DAT machines
Sony D7/D8 Resource Guide A must for all portable Sony DAT owners
D&R Mixing Consoles Makers of high quality recording consoles
Mackie Manufacture quality mixers and sound reinforcement equipment
Digidesign Professional hard disk recording and editing systems
Mogami Technical Catalog Mogami wire and cable catalog
Whirlind High quality snakes, cables, wiring harnesses, and custom products
Rapco International Cables, snakes, custom panels
Studio #2 Patchbay Patchbay layout example
Wiring & Cable Color Scheme Color code chart for multipair audio snake

AKA Design Creative studio design company
- : strongroom : - Wonderfully designed UK studio - A MUST SEE!
Morrisound Studios Recording studio with panoramic virtual tour
Private Studios Interesting small studio in Illinois
Studio Design Studio design texts along with diagrams and software
Auralex Acoustics Acoustical room treatment products
IAC - Industrial Acoustics Industrial and studio acoustic materials and doors
Silent Source Reseller of all things acoustic
Zero International Acoustic door and seal manufacturer

Redco Audio Excellent source for Mogami, Neutrik, and Switchcraft products
Q Cables Great "mom & pop" cable and patchbay dealer
Pro Sound International US D&R sales rep, as well as ATC and Garwood
Pro Audio Design Dealer for used Solid State Logic consoles
Ocean Audio Professional studio gear brokers Another studio gear broker

Linux MIDI & Sound Applications Good starting point for audio on Linux systems

Electronics For Music DIY site with info and designs
Midwest Analog Products DIY kits, parts, and plans
Aural Research Facilities Home of Bert & Ernie
Synth diy page Designs, schematics, and projects
Electronic Music Projects Rick Jansen's Moog filter design and Formant Modular
Synth-DIY Schematics Various filter designs including EMS, Wasp, and moog
Synthesis Technology CEM chips and MOTM modular kits
Low Cost MIDI Faderbox Plans for a MIDI CC controller
Pieter Suurmond: Analog to MIDI Limited discrete MIDI CC controller design
Nixies Interesting high voltage numeric displays
Maximum MIDI Great references for MIDI projects and designs
Thomas Parts Catalog Source of some rare SSM chips
Blacet Research Home of the Dark Star and other DIY modular synth kits
BASIC Stamp Project Stamp based MIDI CC controller
MIDI with PICs Good info on designing MIDI devices with PICs and Stamps
handheld-music homepage Info on music with handheld PDAs
midiDAC PIC based MIDI to CV converter
MIDI to CV Source code for PIC based MIDI to CV converter

Mark Pulver's MIDIwall Used gear pricelist, AH archives, this site has it all
SynthFool Kevin Lightner, synth tech extraordinare, loads of pictures
music machines Hyperreal's assimilation of synth information
Analogue Heaven The definitive analog synth mailing list
Vintage Synth Lots of pictures and limited info on older synths
Synth Museum Ditto
Harmony Central Good site with a wide variety of music info
Sonic State User supplied information on synthesizers, message boards
Synth Zone Somewhat outdated list of synth links

Encore Electronics Best MIDI kits and CV converters on the planet
Kenton Electronics Wide variety of MIDI retrofits
F.M. Music Fred McNiff services moogs and sells NOS moog parts
MusicCentral New and used synth dealer with good service
FUM An Analog Heaven and synth geek gathering
Pro-One Manual Sequential Circiuts Pro One Manual
qpg home page QPG - music/clothes/web
tom butcher Tom Butcher's home page
PianoDisc Makers of piano MIDI conversion kits
DanceTech Dance music and synth site
JoMoX Makers of analog drum machines and synths
Compuphonic Casio FZ sampler forum and Korg MS series info
Keith's Homepage Good Roland MKS-50/alphaJuno and MKS-70/SuperJX page
ThE aLpHa-DiaL The infamous alphaJuno site
Wavestation Post Korg Wavestation patches and mailing list
Emax Tons of good Emax info as well as sample library
Wavestation Home The unofficial Wavestation information site
PPG Instruments PPG mailing list and information
Emulator Station I The website for all Emu samplers
~ MKS-80 ~ Good Roland MKS-80 specs and info
Computer Controlled Unofficial Roland TB-303 page
Tony Clark Lots of good information on synths, schematics, synth-DIY
IOTech Norwegian synth repair shop, Roland MKS-30 upgrade, Roland ICs
Fairlight Page Loads of information on the Fairlight CMI I and II
Synth List The Top 10 "You've been around synths too long" page
Verbos Theme Park Electronic music and synth DIY stuff
elev8's small sample site Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 samples and OS
Modcan Synthesizers Makers of high quality modular synthesizers
CAVE Studio Modular Moog, PPG, Prophet 2000, and all good things analog
Soundwave's Home Page Music, synths, MST3k
Mike Nail's Homepage The definitive Casio SK sampler page
Secret Studios! Picture of Rory Tate's marvelous synth studio
Sequential Prophet VS Good source of Sequential Circuits Prophet VS info
The Moog Synthesizer Classic USCS webpage detailing use of a Moog modular
skullsaw's brainstem Steve D's site with loads of good electronic music
stupid OCTAVE cat Justin Maxwell's old web site
K2000 Floyd Patch A must have Dark Side of the Moon patch for the K2000
Jeffrey Bergman-Synth / Electronic Music Synth info, music, samples
[ [ [ [ [[The Lab] ] ] ] ] Home of Phil Pilgrim's infamous SH101 NovaMod

Mirage-Net Home Page
Ricard's Analog Synth Page Korg PolySix MIDI mod
MirageSampleDumper Mirage to PC WAV sample dump utility
Aaron Rodden's ESQ-1 Page Ensoniq ESQ-1 patches and info
Prijzen vintage synthesizers
Egad Productions Jetboy Junction - good info on a variety of synths
Daredevil's Jupiter & Juno Page
K.T'S Homepage~analog synthesizers
Roland SH-09
Roland U20/U220 RS-PCM Synths
Mirage Hacking
Mirage-Net FAQ
[] Section Ensoniq
High Bandwidth Zone!
ProStudio & Live Audio: Product Profile
analog synthesizers/kairo/VCF
Studio de Dijk BV
Drew's Web Page
Keith's Other Synths
RM50 Drum Module
TEISCO Synthesizers
The Juno-106 FAQ
Moog Memorymoog Users Group
Roland Museum
Drum Machine Museum - The Ultimate Drum Machine Web Site
Steve's Roland JD-800 stuff
Studio 440 pages
Akai Memory
Vintage Roland Synthesizers
dsTEC Ltd - Welcome to the future of hybrid synthesis
Msq-100 Sequncer Manual

Auction Soup Rogue Music's auction site
Sweetwater Sound's TradingPost Sweetwater Sound's classifieds
Harmony Central Harmony Central's classifieds
Recycler Classifieds The infamous west coast Recycler classified
Rock Auction Daddy's Junky Music auction site
electrogear Classifieds network search capability
Vemia UK synth auction
Gearheads Classifieds A free music classified site
Excite Music Classifieds Excite music classifieds with search engine
i-Escrow A third party service to ensure safe transactions