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LaGrange, IN - 03/20/04 Analogue synth enthusiasts from across the midwest recently descended upon northeastern Indiana for their annual gathering. Gear from Serge, Blacet, Wiard, MOTM, Modcan, Sequential, and Yamaha were well represented.
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Santa Clara, CA - To facilitate further growth telcogurus has relocated its webhosting infrastructure to the new svcolo datacenter. The facility's Cummins generators, MGE Galaxy UPSes, and Force10 networking gear will provide customers with the utmost reliability and uptime. Gigabit connectivity to the Palo Alto Internet Exchange allows for reliable scalable bandwidth. Mountain View, CA - New to Cary Roberts' gear arsenal are two Daking 52270 Trident A range styled preamps with four band eq and high/low cut filters. These should round out his EQ selection which include API 550B four band parametric equalizers and Quad Eight EQ333 three band equalizers. Also in the works are Melcor and Electrodyne EQs and API, Quad Eight, and UA mic pres awaiting racks.
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