The S2800 was a member of the third generation of Akai samplers. Improvements over the previous S1000 series include increased memory, increased polyphony, resonant filters, and an improved user interface. The S2800studio package features 8meg RAM, SCSI, and digital I/O as standard.
The S2800 features 16 bit linear sampling at 44.1kHz and 22.05kHz. A maximum of 16meg of memory can be fitted, although the unit can be modified to accept 32meg. The unit has 32 voices of polyphony with a maximum of 255 samples and 254 programs. The filters are digital 12db/oct low pass with resonance, and although the filter slope is not as steep as I'd like, the sonic benefit of resonance is worth the tradeoff. The S2800 also has two multistage envelope generators, two LFOs, and a variety of modulation options. The effects in 2800, while limited, are of high quality and include chorus, delays, flangers, and other time-based effects. The large 320x240 backlit display and eight soft buttons makes editing a breeze. Also available for data entry is a numeric keypad, cursor keys, and a rotary encoder. The S2800 has a four outputs consisting of a stereo pair and two auxiliary outs. The S2800studio model comes with SCSI and AES and SPDIF digital I/O as standard. Other S3000 series options such as SMPTE and an internal hard drive are not available on the S2800.
I have modified my S2800 to accept 32meg of memory, twice the orginal capacity of the S2800. After installing a Real World Interfaces M32S3 32meg memory board in my CD3000 I had two 8meg memory modules left over. I purchased two Fuji FCN-234J068-G/O connectors from Tonar Inc in Rockaway, NJ and installed them in the two empty PCB socket locations on the S2800 system board. After jumpering two traces on the circuit board I was ready to go. Presto - a 32meg Akai S2800!

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