The Roland JX-3P is a dual oscillator synth with five octave keyboard and integral polyphonic 16 step sequencer. The JX-3P shares some similarities with the rackmount MKS-30, however lacks many of the MKS-30's MIDI refinements. The PG-200 is the companion programmer and adheres magnetically to the top right of the JX-3P.
The JX-3P features two digitally clocked oscillators. The oscillators' frequency is derived from a master clock which is divided by an even integer to obtain a close approximate pitch. This method never allows the oscillators to produce a pure pitch across the entire range, and is probably accountable for the JX-3P's somewhat harsh sound. The two oscs can be synced together or cross modulated using the METAL setting. The SYNC mode syncs osc 2's clock to osc 1's. The METAL setting provides some interesting clangorous sounds. The filter has a 24db/oct slope typical of Roland products, and has both a resonant low pass filter and a variable nonresonant high pass filter. Only one envelope is available to control the VCA and VCF, but both can be set to gate or inverse envelope. The LFO provides sine, square, and sample and hold waveforms, and has variable rate and delay.
The PG-200 is the dedicated programmer interface for the MKS-30, JX-3P, and GR-700. The PG-200 communicates with and is powered by the synth via a 6 pin DIN cable. The programmer provides knobs and switches for all parameters such as DCO, VCA, VCF, envelope, and LFO. The biggest disappointent when using the PG-200 with the JX-3P is that MIDI and the programmer cannot be used simultaneously. Bummer. (Then again, that's why I have an MKS-30.....)

Note: To disable omni mode, connect the MIDI out to the MIDI in and play at least six notes on the keyboard. This will place the unit into omni-off/poly mode, however the JX-3P will still only receive on MIDI channel 1.

Another Note: To simulate pulse width modulation on the JX-3P select osc SYNC, route LFO to osc 2, and turn the MIX to 100% osc 2.

And One More: To have LEDs light as sequence is played, depress and hold the REST button before hitting START/STOP.